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About me

If you are in a bad mood because of a specific situation, stress or even without apparent cause - call me and I’ll try to help +7-919-125-94-52

viber +7-919-125-94-52

If your relations became deadlocked and you don’t know what decision to make, you have lack of energy, insomnia, depression, fears, panic attacks – contact me


viber +7-919-125-94-52

I’ll do my best to help you,

Yours ANTAR MOUN (Vyacheslav Chukhrov) - psychotherapist, addiction psychiatrist, shiatsu massage operator, healer, coach, traveller.

Graduated from Chelyabinsk State Medical Institution in 1994 year.

Worked as a teacher at the Psychiatry department of Chelyabinsk Medical Academy.

Served as a military psychiatrist (1996 – 1998).

Travelled and learned to be calm from American Indians, masters from India, doctors from Italy, healers from Sweden, Thailand, shamans of Chukotka, leading figures of psychotherapy (J.Pereira de Matos Prashantam, Karvassarsky B.D., Grigoryevskih V.S., Bikov S.I., Romas Kochunas, Gintaras Chomentauskas, Ludmila Andrikine, Sergey Gorin, Mark Palchik, Constantine Covalenok, Cherepanova I.YU., Khamid Pezeshkian, Marilyn Murray, Yakov Marshak).

Expert in the field of relations improvement. Author of coachings in the field modeling of situations of success and luck.

Graduate and teacher of Italian School of Complementary Medicine Scuola Osho Divine Healing Arts (reflexology and shiatsu massage).

Master pulse diagnostics. Certified shiatsu massage operator. Possess the Diploma with the right to work in the USA and European Union. More detailed about application of shiatsu massage in my practice https://vk.com/shiatsu174

Attended a course of study of the International School of Human Design ISHD (PLT-1). More detailed about this method https://vk.com/club58819970

From 2005 year till 2007 year worked in the Marshak Clinic (Moscow), in 2006 year within a group of specialists with Yakov Marshak took part in expedition that studyied influence of biochemical and ethnical peculiarities of local residents of Chukotka on clinical implications, development and treatment of alcohol addiction (Anadyr, the Chukotka Autonomous District).

At the moment – Privately practicing psychotherapist and the Head of Rehabilitation Programme of Department of State Budgetary Healthcare Institution “Chelyabinsk Regional Affiliated Addictional Hospital  (regional addictional hospital, Chelyabinsk)


Depending on the request and personality traits of the customer in my work I use methods of different concepts of psychotherapy: classical hypnosis, Ericksonian hypnosis, psychoanalysis, Neuro-Linguistic programming, transactional analysis, Positive psychotherapy of Peseschkian.

Psychotherapy of adults – work with all kind of problems including alcohol and drug addictions. Short term therapy in difficult situations of life, grief, depressions, panic attacks (PA), posttraumatic stress disorders (PTSD). Successfully help in case of conflict relations, all kinds of problems with relations with other people, family crises, betrayal and problems of noncompatibility, love and emotional addictions.

Practice consulting in psychological compatibility of future and current marriage partners (Psychodiagnosis of Human Design System is used) with following psychotherapy aiming to cope with possible and existing problems.

Hold psychodiagnosis for business partners, colleagues, employees of large and small collectives with the purpose of company efficiency improvement.

Hold both individual and family therapy in Russian and English languages.

Peculiarity of my work – psychotherapy that aims result. Result which you want to receive we discuss during the first meeting.

“What is psychotherapy for me – it is a tact, providing the customer with the space to speak out without critics, support and focus on customer’s strong sides (about weak sides we hear from other people too often), synergy – to keep silence when it is needed, to share own experience and observations, alchemy “how to melt misfortune into success and elation”, break before new stage of the life, which leads into the new and interesting joyful dimension”. (Vyacheslav Chukhrov)

Tel.: +7-919-125-94-52
viber +7-919-125-94-52

e-mail: swamiantarmoun@gmail.com

My office is situated in the city center. 
Address: Russia, Chelyabinsk, Sonya Krivaya str. 83, suit 812

If I did not answer to your call, it means that I am working with the customer and my telephone is on mute. I’ll call you back as soon as possible.

See you soon!


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